You’re provided with a platform for you and your team to track and manage all leads ensuring that none slip through the cracks. In this same portal you can track how all your campaigns are performing in real time in terms of leads coming in both via telephone and the web, and how much each lead cost.

Our seasoned designers create conversion oriented websites and landing pages designed to get you leads and rank on search engines. All relevant social media pages are created to take you viral. Need a video or animation? We can do that too.

Do you know what people are typing into search engines to find you? Our web gurus know exactly how to find out! By digging in and finding out how and who are looking for you, we can target your ads to the perfect audience!

Our traffic experts strategically place ads across the world wide web and social media based on the market research, your target geography and consumer demographic. Visitors are remarketed to and displayed ads and a high frequency positioning you as the expert!

The longer we run your campaigns, the more we can learn about what segment of your audience is responding the most. This enables us to zero in the ads on those most likely to buy, giving you the best ROI. Even your landing pages and scrutinized and split tested to see what is working best!

When someone fills out a lead form, their journey has just begun! We send them a series of emails to position you as the expert in your field. This allows those that don’t convert right away, convert later on. Monthly newsletters are sent to keep your customers and leads engaged.

Leads to your business arrive via a call-tracking number or a web form completion. The telephone conversation is recorded for your review. In addition to email marketing, you have the ability to send the prospect a robo-call and SMS message in order to nurture the lead using multiple channels.

Content is King! Our professional copywriters create daily blogs for your website which are syndicated across your social media pages. We keep fresh content in front of your clients making it hard for them to forget about you, ever!