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The Idea

5th Avenue Leads is already successful business. They have a responsive website, and they’re already top of the search engine results page. However, something was still missing. They were getting the website traffic and potential leads, but something needs to be done to lock in those customers. When they were all out of ideas, they approached Leadsopolis for further advice.

The Leadsopolis Approach

Leadsopolis gathered the teams together and sat down to assess the situation. Within a meeting, they discovered that one of the elements that were letting the company down was their email setup. Leadsopolis then suggested they implement an advanced email automation technique, perfect for contact those potential leads to stop them getting away. They also implied a customer management service, another automated system, that was completely customised for their business.

The Results

5th Avenue Leads was a business that attended regular tradeshows. Once at these tradeshows, the business implemented the Leadsopolis tactics and the devised marketing strategies to help them connect and maintain these potential leads, turning them into profitable customers.

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Client Feedback

We wouldn’t be where we are today without Leadsopolis! Just when we thought we had peaked and exhausted every option, Leadsopolis came to the rescue and showed just new opportunities and ways forward that we never knew existed! Thanks again Leadsopolis! See you again soon!