Here at Leadsopolis, we believe that sharing is caring and that teamwork is one of the greatest assets a business can benefit from. With this in mind, we have an outstanding affiliate network that benefits all.


How it works is simple. By sending a customer our way, you can keep the customer for yourself and we’ll handle all the work behinds the scenes. This means you can earn a lucrative 20% commission by simply finding and retaining a customer! That’s 20% on all the sales your customer makes as well as any long-standing contracts. Find the customers, sit back, relax and watch your income grow!


For more information on our affiliate service, simply contact us today and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help!



Why Should I Join the Leadsopolis Affiliate Program?

There are several benefits you can enjoy by signing up to the Leadsopolis Affiliate Program. These include;


  • A foundation rate of 20% commission on any purchases, sales or long-term contracts and work within 30 days of using your affiliate link. In some cases, we can even award bonuses!
  • High-quality, unobtrusive banners and advert graphics to post on your website
  • A monthly newsletter keeping you up-to-date on the latest Leadsopolis happenings include content updates and more!
  • Exclusive access to the affiliate feed allowing you to keep track of your progress. This feed is updated daily!


How Does the Program Work?

Once you have joined our rewarding affiliate program, you’ll receive a unique link to post on your website or in your content. Feel free to embed in your website how you please! Every sale that is made within 30 days of that link being clicked, you’ll receive a 20% commission on that sale and on any ongoing work with that customer.


How Long Till I Get Started?

Once we have agreed the service and everything is ready to go, you should receive your start-up package within 3-4 working days.


Are There Any Limits on What I Can Earn?

Absolutely not! Make as many sales as you possibly can and you’ll be paid for every single one of them!


How Much Is It to Join?

It’s completely free to join our executive affiliate program!


Do I Have to Add Anything to My Website?

It’s completely up to you! Display everything we send you on your website, add your link to the site or simply embed the link in some of your content, it’s completely up to you!


I Just Want to Advertise Leadsopolis But I’m Uninterested in The Affiliate Program?

No worries! Thank you for your interest! If you don’t want to take part in our affiliate program, there are several things you can do! You can tell your clients about us via word-of-mouth or mention us on your website! Better yet, share our website on your social media pages!