Automated (Robo) Calling

Automated calling is traditional marketing technique that goes back to the earliest days of marketing, as we know it today. Commonly referred to as ‘Auto-Dialling’, this is the term given to specialist software that has the ability to call a list of predetermined phone numbers that can be used to promote a brand, business, product or service.




The biggest advantage of investing in this service is cost. Rather than have an employee sitting at a desk trying to call number after number throughout the day, this service basically eliminates the cost of wasted time for that employee, saving you money and giving you the ability to employ more people in other areas of your business. They will be a live customer or prospective customer ready to speak with on an on-going basis.


By using a well-formulated and well-constructed recorded dialogue, your business can effectivelymarket itself to potential customers and leads without having the physical person present.



By investing in a proper and well-planned automated service, you can enjoy countless benefits that include:


  • Saving money which you would have spent on telesales staff
  • Guaranteed high-quality recordings
  • Custom pre-recorded message that says what you want to say
  • Bulk call handling capabilities that are monitored by our experts


By investing in our expert automated call services, we do all the hard work for you. From setting everything up to designing a custom introductory message that reflects your business how you want it to be reflected. Of course, you get full control over the final message and what you want to say, but our experts will work alongside you to ensure your message is the best it can possibly be.

What’s more, once everything has been set up, our team of experts will monitor everything, all the time, to ensure everything is as it should be, operating to its full potential and guaranteeing that the service is operating smoothly at all times.




Yes. We must follow the legal requirements in your jurisdiction and comply with the Do Not Call (DNC) registry. In the message, it is important that there is no objective content that could offend, upset or discriminate the potential leads that are answering the phone at the other end


The second guideline that has to befollowed is that the intent of the message and your company name has to be clearly stated at the beginning of the telephone message. This is an easy guideline to follow and we’ll ensure that it’s there every single time. Apart these to aspects, we’re good to go!


Interested to see how the Leadsopolis experts can cater our automated calling service to seamlessly integrate into your business to boost sales and generate those valuable leads? Contact us today and one of ourfriendly members of staff will be happy to help!