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The Problem

The idea of Bikrimart started with a partnership that had big dreams. They wanted to create a market-leading software platform that enabled customers to easily order their groceries online which could then be directly delivered to their houses, with minimal fuss and the easiest user interface possible. The only problem was, none of the company knew where to start or what was the most effective way to move forward.

The Solution

The Leadsopolis team of professional experts then set about collaborating with the Bikrimart team to define their goals and targets. As an online store, the first place to start was creating a website and database framework. In response to this, the teams of designers then created a fully optimised website that was fully-functional, SE-Optimised and offered a fluid user experience that their future customers were going to love.

In addition to the website, the Leadsopolis team revolutionised the Bikrimart concept by creating fully-featured mobile applications, allowing their customers to access the site wherever and whenever they wanted to. With the launch of the website rapidly approaching, the Leadsopolis team implemented a ground-breaking marketing strategy including email marketing, PPC and retargeting techniques to drive leads to the site, guaranteeing its success.

The Result

Over the duration of the project, the Bikrimart website saw a dramatic increase of 246% in locked in sales and a successful campaign that still drives and converts leads to the site into paying customer. Another person’s dream made into a reality.

  • 329%

    Increase in App Downloads

  • 121%

    Increase in Website Traffic

  • 336%

    Increase in Social Media Followers

  • 56%

    Increase in First Page Search Rankings

Client Feedback

I honestly cannot believe the journey that Bikrimart has been on. I remember sitting at home thinking of the idea and the concept and thinking that it’s such a large-scale project, how would I ever create it, let only where to start with a project so big?! The Leadsopolis team have been amazing. Right from the word ‘Go’, they’ve been helpful, informative and fully engaged with my project, personalising their methods to meet my exact requirements. I couldn’t have done it without you Leadsopolis! My eternal thanks!