Call Recording

Looking for ways to optimise your businesses marketing strategy that boosts your lead conversion rate as well as improve your business-customer relations?


Leadsopolis is here to provide the essential call recording services your business needs to make the relevant changes that will drive your business to new levels of success. With the ability to record your businesses phone calls alongside the opportunity to look back on previous customer engagements at any times can supply with the essential information and data needed to access the performance levels of your business.

Bring Your Customer Relations Into The Modern Era

Call recording isn’t a direct sales improvement tool but it is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. With the ability to analysis previous phone conversations, our team of experts can provide you with the much-needed data you need to improve your services and business performance. This will give you customers all the reasons they need to love your brand, your business and increase your presence both online and offline!

Call Recording Can Be Used To Boost My Customer Satifisfaction Level?

Yes, it can! By monitoring your calls and the way your business engages with its customers in a 1-1 environment, our expert team can provide you with ways to improve to make your business professional and look the part. However, call recording is so much more than that!


With every other part of your marketing campaign, we will always use analytical software to ensure everything is working as good as it can be. Call recording is simply a method used to collect analytical data that can improve your business and its services!

Your Calls May Recorded For Training Purposes

That’s not an uncommon phrase to hear when calling up a company and it’s one that we’ve all heard before. When you have new employees join your business and you want them to have the best level of training as quickly as possible. By using previous phone conversations as a starting point, you can quickly educate your trainees on how you handle customer engagements, ensuring their actions are completely parallel with your businesses.

Quality Of Interaction

If you use phone calls for marketing your products or services, you may implement a telesales script for your employees to follow. By listening back use pre-recorded calls, you can pinpoint the exact moment that you may lose a potential customer, allowing you to optimise your script for maximum sales opportunities.

Don’t Waste Time

When you’re trying to build and expand your business, adding call recording to your marketing strategy can take up a lot of valuable time and resources, especially when you start analysing the data. Here at Leadsopolis, our highly trained professional marketers have implemented these strategies to businesses across the world hundreds of times. They know what they’re doing.


Let us do the hard work for you. Contact us today to see how we can tailor our call recording solutions to seamlessly integrate into your business, allowing you to drive forward your sales and maximise your opportunities.