Display Advertising

A display banner is a visual graphic that extends across the screen of a website or online publication. This content can include still imagery, videos and can even include audio files. Here at Leadsopolis, our experienced team of designers can create an attractive and engagingbanner that is purposefully designed to generate more leads and potential customers for your business.


Types Of Display Advertising

There are many different varieties of display advertising that your business can use to increase its online presence. These platforms include;


  • Web banners: This is the most traditional form of web display advertising and you’ve probably seen them on most sites. Usually located at the top or the bottom of a website, these banners can be seen stretching from one side of the screen to the other and are extremely hard to miss!
  • Pop-ups: A specially designed form of advertisement in which a box will pop up on the screen of the user when they visit a certain site or click on a certain link. This form of advertising can be very effective, resembling an ad break or television before the user returns to the site they were previously on.
  • Floating ads: These are commonly referred to as Overlay Ads. In most cases, the ads will last a maximum of 15 seconds and will be highly engaging and visually attractive, perfect for gaining a potential users attention, making them want to see more!
  • Expanding ads: This is the term used to describe the very flexible ads you may have seen on some websites. These ads have the ability to change size depending on the platform and device and can increase visibility when required. These ads are usually expanded by a click on the advert or by users hovering their mouse over the ad.
  • Trick banners: These are also known as deceptive advertisements. Usually found in mobile games or embedded deep into website pages, these advertisements have the ability to look and feel like they are part of a website or application. The user will continue to engage before the advert reveals itself as an advert. Despite being deceptive, these types of advert gain a much high average click rate than other ads.


What Leadsopolis Can Do For You

Our creative designer teams are able to create engaging and informative advertisement banners that can help your business increase their click rates and increase the volume of leads and potential customers. By researching and placing these adverts in key locations around the Internet, our experts can optimise these adverts for maximum efficiency!