Email Marketing Automation

Evolve Your Email Strategy

Despite all the advances in digital marketing over the last few years, the traditional method of email marketing is still as hot as ever. Nowadays, using the latest technologies and software applications, the core process has been made to be as simple as possible. But, for most companies, they still find it difficult to make the most out of this extremely effective technique.


Define: Email Automation

For a clearer perspective, imagine your business has an account system where people can sign up and register to your business. Once they have completed all the sign-up tasks, you want to send them an email that welcomes them to your site and makes them feel at home. Thereafter, depending on what actions they take on your website or ecommerce store, or how they interact with your emails, we can take them down a specific sequence of emails. This ensures that the lead gets a customized digital experience and is receiving only relevant content that will keep them engaged and position you as the expert and the go-to company.


You will only ever have to set up and email automation service once and it will continue to work until you decide to turn it off! This means you only ever have to create an email automation sequence once, and everything else happens on autopilot – forever! This saves you countless hours and investment in your email marketing campaign.


Now you know the process, it’s time to consider the facts. Studies show that you can double the amount of leads you have by staying in contact with your customers once every two to four weeks. Yes, that’s 200% the amount of leads you have already. This can simply be achieved by sending an email once every two weeks.


With this in mind, 72% of customers despise situations where they receive generic or ‘spam’ emails from companies that provide no valuable information to them. Email marketing is a fragile process of finding the right balance for your customers.


Let Us Put Your Business In Overdrive

Instead of investing your time in creating personalised emails and testing methods to see if they work, our expert team of email writers and marketers have done the hard work for you. We have years of experience in the digital marketing industry and we know what works. With information on your business and your target audience, we can create engaging, informative and personalised emails that make real impacts with your readers.


There are a variety of techniques we can use with email marketing strategies to turn your marketing campaign into a success.


  • Discounts and Promotional Deals 67% of customers are happy to hand over their personal email address with the knowledge that they’ll receive a discount or coupon code for your website. Our team can work tirelessly alongside you to setup a deal or offer that’s completely irresistible to your customer base.
  • Keyword Optimization As with any piece of online content, optimisation is the key to success. By using psychological keywords such as ‘Exclusive’, ‘Special’ and ‘Latest’, we can draw in your readers even further into your business, imprinted your brand image and converting readers into profitable leads.
  • Demographic Targeting What works for some readers won’t work for others. It’s the same with every aspect of business. We have the ability to specifically target certain demographics based on age, gender, location and other factors to optimise where your emails are landing to make the best impression. 

    Our expert teams here at Leadsopolis are on hand to cover each and every one of your email marketing requests. This service, along with all of our digital marketing services, is completely customizable and adaptable to your business. Contact us to start your email marketing journey today!