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The Problem

Already a popular business, East River Dental was looking for ways to expand, which as you can imagine, can be rather difficult for a dental practise to do. Easy River then discovered Leadsopolis and after reading about their success stories decided to get in touch to see whether the marketing solutions experts had any ideas on how to move the business forward to the next level of success.

The Solution

The Leadsopolis and East River teams got together to brainstorm some ideas. Almost immediately, one of the Leadsopolis experts came up with the idea of completely renovating and upgrading the website of the dental practice which would allow the business to move further up the search engine rankings to the top and therefore produce more leads which, using the automated LLA engine, could be converted into paying customers. Using an integrated fusion of SEO practices and reputation management, Leadsopolis set forth a plan to make East River’s dream a reality.

The Result

True to their word, the East River Dental Practice shot straight to the top of the search engine where it remains to this day. With a fullyoptimised and innovative website, the website’s search engine page ranking was dramatically increased, making it the first dental practice to appear in its home region., making it for the first choice for customers seeking out dental services.

  • 47%

    Increase in New Patient Leads

  • 57%

    Increase in Website Traffic

  • 104%

    Increase in Social Media Followers

  • 44%

    Increase in First Page Search Rankings

Client Feedback

Leadsopolis! You have been amazing! When we first got together and discussed the plans to move forward, we never believed it would out like this! Never have we been more successful and being at the top of the search engine results page has benefitted us so much more than we ever thought was possible! Thank you again to everybody who was involved in our project! You were all so friendly, and we hope to stay in touch!