• Grow With Dr. Moe
  • Grow With Dr. Moe

The Problem

Grow With Dr Moe is a chiropractic management business that teaches chiropractors around the world on how to develop their skills and techniques which allow them to give their customers and patients a better experience. The company was interested in increasing their B2B leads and making their brand more prevalent.

He came to Leadsopolis after finding their website online and requested his free marketing pack. After consulting the pack, he decided to invest in the expert services, looking to get his name out into the big wide world and secure those necessary leads.

The Solution

The Leadsopolis teams then pulled their heads together to create a comprehensive Custom Marketing Solution to suit Dr Moe’s needs. As Dr Moe was seeking out other businesses to offer his services, the Leadsopolis boffins devised a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy. This was achieved by optimising the website for optimal search engine functionality as well as improving and developing certain areas of the website.

Furthermore, the team then set about implementing a strategic Pay Per Click advertising campaign and a revolutionary email marketing campaign, in addition, to retargeting and improved reputation techniques.

The Result

Over the course of three months, with constant updating and fine-tuning of the market strategy, the Grow with Dr Moe website gained approximately 1,200 new leads, many of which were automatically converted into paying customers using the LLA engine. An outstanding result!

  • 556%

    Increase in B2B leads

  • 143%

    Increase in Website Traffic

  • 475%

    Increase in Social Media Followers

  • 136%

    Increase in First Page Search Rankings

Client Feedback

When I was meeting with the Leadsopolis team for the first time, they introduced me to so many new concepts and techniques that I had never even heard of before! It’s no wonder they’re so good at what they do! When starting, I thought I could simply learn all about marketing myself and launch myself, but Leadsopolis changed the game for me! Thank you so much to the Leadsopolis team, and I can’t wait to work with you again!