Lead Lifecycle AutomationTM

Lead Lifecycle AutomationTM is the development of a digital engine specific to your brand’s requirements. The engine uses the art and science of digital lead generation and provides you with prospectsthat have been nurtured through an automated education process converting cold leads into hot leads without your active involvement.


Prospects consistently see your brand across the web and social channels positioning you as the expert in your industry and reinforcing your brand as the obvious choice.

Once a prospect becomes a customer, the engine continues to expose your brand digitally and provides them with ongoing valuable contentreinforcingthat they have made the right decision. This ensures that a customer remains a customer – all on autopilot.


You have a lead, now what? The Leadsopolis Dashboard allows you to track and manage all incoming web and telephone leads and provides your sales team with the tools they need to ensure that nobody slips through the cracks. Calls are all recorded for your review and quality control.


Lead Lifecycle automation is A 8-step process that is designed to not only generate leads, but to nurture those leads into becoming paying customers, and then to retain those customers as ongoing clients. Although it is possible to do only parts of the 8-step process, it is highly recommended to perform the complete system in order to get the most longevity on your marketing spend by entering leads in to conversion funnels thereby making those leads that don’t convert right away, convert after you have built their trust in you.


Web 2.0 Design

A properly designed website that is geared towards conversions is the foundation of your internet marketing strategy. The creation of multiple individual landing pages (one-page websites) that offer solutions to your potential customers specific needs are designed to help emotionally connect with your potential customers. This has been proven to significantly increase your number of leads. Want a beautiful video for your web properties? Let us help. Social media accounts are created on the major networks in order share your content at an exponential level. Our team has successfully built thousands of websites using high converting strategies. Let us build yours!

Stealth Keyword
& Market Research

Do you know what the top search terms and keywords people are using to find your business? Our Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified professionals do! Knowing this invaluable information brings you highly targeted leads that are ready to buy your product or services.

Laser Targeted Web Traffic
& Retargeting

Captivating ads are strategically placed across the world wide web and displayed across various channels including Google search results, the Google display network, Facebook ads, Instagram ads Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads. We ONLY us the channels that best suit your target market. Once someone has landed on one of your websites, they will be retargeted all around the internet with a high frequency of your ads and thereby positioning you as the expert in your industry because you are everywhere!

Meticulous Optimization
To Rank & Convert

The longer we run your campaigns, the more we learn about your target market in your specific demographic. We are consistently fine-tuning your ad campaigns based on this data to give you more bang for your marketing buck. Your web properties are split tested to ensure they maintain a high conversation rate. Your websites will have highly accelerated SEO procedures being performed in order to get you on top of the first page of Google search results in as little time as possible.

Email Marketing for
Lead Conversion & Retention

Once we get a lead from the website, the potential customer’s internet journey has just begun! They will receive a series of ongoing emails with helpful information to position you as an authority. For those potential customers that take a little longer to make a buying decision, this is the strategy that educates them about why they NEED your product or service.

Telephone & SMS Marketing
for Constant Contact

The ability to engage leads not only with email marketing, but by telephone and SMS marketing is powerful, and even more powerful when it is all automated! The ability to use call-tracking phone numbers allows your messages and conversations to be recorded for your review for training, as well as for statistical analysis. We can build robo-calls and SMS marketing right into your marketing funnel so that depending on what action your prospect takes, they will get a custom robo-call or SMS in order to nurture them in the forward direction with a customized experience depending on where they are in the sales cycle. That is serious engagement!

Content Distribution
For Consistent Engagement

Sending your current and potential customers fresh content is what will build trust and authority in your brand. Content is king in the internet world! Our professional copywriters will create daily blogs for your business which not only be posted on your website blog, but will be syndicated to all your social media pages thereby keeping making it very hard for your customers to forget about you.

Lead Management
& Performance Tracking

Your leads are stored in your online tracking portal that allows you and your team to log in and manage the leads to keep track of what actions have been taken on that lead and by whom. You will be provided with a unique toll-free number that is placed on your ads for potential customers to call thereby allowing us to track and record these calls for your later review. You can also track the performance of your ad campaigns on this portal to see what each lead is costing you at the end of the day. We worked hard to get these leads and this ensures that none fall through the cracks!