Marketing Funnel Creation

As a business owner, you want your sales process to be as streamlined and efficiently as possible. Our team expert marketers are able to create the ideal automated digital strategy to maximise your sales and convert those potential leads into paying customers, called a Marketing Funnel.


What Is A Marketing Funnel?

For those who don’t know, the most common marketing funnel is made up of four steps. Imagine a funnel shape with the thinnest point at the bottom and the widest part at the top. From the top down;


  • Audience Every piece of content created needs to serve a specific purpose. Without purpose, the content is meaningless and will have no effect on your business. By researching your markets and finding out what works and doesn’t work, our experts can write engaging content that your readers will really want to read!
  • Generate Website Traffic From content marketing, paid advertisements, organic processes or email marketing, the first step of a successful marketing funnel is to generate traffic to your website. The more users you can draw to your website, the more effective the funnel strategy will be.
  • Generate an Increased Number of Leads Now that you’ve for users on your website, it’s time to turn these users into potential leads. This can be achieved by more engaging and specific content posts, videos, imagery, adverts, articles and blog posts. Basically, anything that will keep the users engaged and interested in your business, converting them from a user into a lead.
  • Prospects and Promotion The penultimate stage of the basic marketing funnel is to provide these leads with more content that can drive forward your business. Depending on the nature of your business, this could include longer, more informative video content, eBooks, subscriptions to email services or newsletter. The purpose of this stage is to connect with your leads on a personal level, giving them a more detailed into your business and what services or products you can provide them.
  • Generate Paying Customer The final step in the marketing funnel is the most important for your business. By fully engaging your leads in the correct way for your business and industry, you can convert your leads into paying and profitable customers using your products or services.


This All Sounds Like A Lot Of Work?

Setting up and implementing a successful marketing funnel is a lot of hard work but it’s a process that our team of marketing experts have implemented for businesses time and time again. Let us do the hard work and graft for you, allowing you the necessary time to focus on the more important aspects of developing your business!


Each marketing funnel is different for each business. You’ll have different aims, goals and targets from any other business which is why our experts are on hand to create a personalised funnel solution to suit your individual circumstance.


Want Leadsopolis to revolutionise the way you market your business, driving you forward to the next levels of success? Contact us today for a free, customised marketing plan created for you by our leading marketing experts!