Leadsopolis began as a one-man show in 2005 and has since grown to encompass a diverse team including software developers, web designers, graphic designers, SEO experts, PHP developers, funnel experts, marketing experts, PPC experts, mobile app developers, social media experts, content writers and marketing consultants.


Dr Amit Sharda – CEO

Amit heads up the Leadsopolis team of experts, backed by his decades worth of experience in the online industry. If you had said to Amit 15 years ago that he’d be running his own market-leading digital agency, he probably would have believed you! Driven, highly-motivated and enthusiastic in every he does, we couldn’t have asked for a better boss!


Vikash Singh – President

Amit’s right-hand man, Vikash takes the reigns when Amit’s sipping beers in a lake on his days off, I mean, out of the office! Offices are renowned for being crazy and chaotic places at times, but Vikash always manages to somehow keep everything under control and running smoothly! Co-founder and second in command, Leadsopolis wouldn’t be the same without him!


Sumit Roy – SEO Experts

As we all know, SEO is the main aim of the game. Fortunately, this is something Sumit is a master of. With over 12 in the industry, Sumit is the guy to turn to when it comes getting your website to the top of the search engine results page. Meticulous, precise and always up for a challenge, Sumit is our top-secret weapon when it comes to fighting your competitors for the prime time.


Christa Bright – Funnel Expert

If your business is in need of a sales funnel, Christa has got your covered. A Funnel Expert since 2014, she has all the knowledge and prowess to create something amazing. In the past, her sales funnels have even been described as a ‘life-changing masterpiece’. What more could we ask for?


Ryan Parr – PPC Expert

Click, click, click. If you happen to pass Ryan’s workstation, this is the only sound you’ll hear. You’d be forgiven for believing that he’s trying to tap himself into the Matrix! However, Ryan is the King when it comes to PPC strategies, and he’s one of the hardest working people we’ve ever met. What would we do without you Ryan?


Koushik Ghosh – PHP Developer

In today’s modern world, HTML and Javascript simply aren’t enough, especially when you’re competing with thousands of other businesses across the world. With this in mind, we had to bring in the big guns. Out of 7 billion people in the world, Koushik is one of our favourites. An outstanding PHP developer, he’s renowned around the office for his fun-filled pranks and humour, yet he still manages to get everything done to the highest quality! We know, we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves!


Sudipta Adhikary – Android App Development

Whether you’ve got the next million-dollar gaming idea or want to sell your products and services online to a market that loves their portable smart devices, you’ll need a Sudipta in your life. An absolute wizard when it comes to developing apps, Sudipta was born and raised in Banglore, India where he discovered his passion for coding. A passion that we’re eternally grateful for!


Animesh Roy – Web Designer

If you need a highly-responsive website that knows only the limits of your imagination, Animesh is the guy that can turn that dream into a reality. This is the exact reason we call him the Dream Maker! When presented with an idea or concept, there’s nothing that can stand in his way! Believe us; not even an extended lunch break can keep Animesh from his work once he’s entered, what he likes to call, ‘the zone’.


Sonu Singh – Web Designer

Jack-of-all-trades doesn’t cover Sonu and his set of skills. If the saying was master-of-all-trades, that’s what we’d be using. Armed to the teeth with PHP, HTML, WordPress and all other forms of coding, Sonu is ready to get stuck in to

, ‘class’ and ‘Attribute’ his way to success, no matter what web design project he’s confronted with.


Meghnath Manna – Web Designer

Graduating from Kolkata University with a degree in Programming, Meghnath is loyal and appreciated of the Leadsopolis team. Cool, calm and collected, Meghnath has the insane ability to create outstanding quality websites in the blink of an eye. Honestly, we’ve even tried to capture it on film! It’s simply not possible!


Jessica Poon – Graphic Designer

Mention logos, banners, graphics or any sort of visual out loud and you can be sure that Jessica will be by your side in an instant. A lover of all things related to graphic designer, Jessica is fluent in creating digital masterpieces, a passion of hers that has followed her through life since a young age.


Somnath Mondal – SEO Analyst

Need your website at the top of the search engine results page? Looking to gain followers and leads to your website? Look no further than Somnath. He has everything you need and more, and once he gets going, there’s honestly no stopping him. A master of all things SEO, we’re surprised his middle name isn’t ‘keyword density’.


Sunanda Sarkar – SEO Analyst

A true keyboard and mouse warrior, Sunanda holds no bounds. Whether you’re looking to improve your content, your website or optimise your website, Sunanda has all the tricks of the trade in his utility belt. Wait, is he the Batman of the SEO world?


Sushma Maurya – SEO Analyst

Sushma is an SEO force to be reckoned with. Commonly referred to as the Leadsopolis Queen of SEO Strategy, from her throne she can implement incredible strategies that have left her previous clients speechless. With decades worth of experience behind her, Sushma is one of own highest valued team members.


Jayanto Bhattacharya – Content Writer

Static Page Content? Check. Blog Posts? Check. Product Descriptions? You Bet! Jayanto is a literary genius when it comes to writing and creating captivating content for your marketing project. Commonly described as a human dictionary, we sometimes have to spot check him in the bar after work to see if he isn’t making some words up. Spot checks in which, of course, he always passes with flying colours.


Taniya Ganguly – Content Writer

We’re counting down the days until they rename Word to just Taniya Ganguly. She’s been writing since the day she could hold a pen, a pen she just never put down. Her creativity and imagination is unparalleled, and her passion for books, blogs and all things word-related is her life force which shows in every masterpiece she creates.


Mike Arnold – Content Writer

Having been described as the ‘perfect wordsmith’ by clients in the past, Mike is the dark horse of the writing world. Once we managed to tame him, he was able to channel his creativity into creating what can only be described as ‘works of literary art.’ Whatever form of written content you’re after, look no further than Mike.


Nandita Saha – Android App Developer

Developing apps for Android devices is like breathing air to Nandita. Having grown up in Mumbai, her passion for coding flourished, capturing the attention of her peers and the all-star Leadsopolis talent scouts. In short, she’s a ninja when it comes to development in such a way that we’ve never seen before in our decades of experience and will probably never see again.


Brenda Chamberlin – Customer Service Consultant

Customer relations is one of the most difficult parts of running your own business. Every customer needs to be treated as an individual, each with their own needs, desires and requirements. This is exactly what Brenda excels in. If you ever remember growing up and there was that kid that was always smiling, always made you feel welcome and brought a smile to your face, in a nutshell, that’s Brenda!


Melanie Dupre – Digital Marketing Consultant & Landing Page Expert

Need advice your marketing strategy? Looking for new techniques to implement your existing campaign or maybe you’re even starting from scratch? We’ll pass you over to Melanie. With over 6 years of experience in the marketing industry, the levels of creatively and drive that Melanie possesses are simply out of this world. Her desire to get things done right the first time still blows us away!


Dipesh Mistry – Marketing Consultant

We don’t want it is about Dipesh. Maybe it’s his dashing good looks? His approachable, friendly, genuinely loving personality? Or maybe it’s his ability to create personalised marketing strategies that will leave you breathless. Dipesh has the unique ability to create plans, using his decades worth of experience in the marketing industry, that can see your business soar to new highs that you never thought were possible. Thank you Dipesh!