Also referred to as remarketing, retargeting is an incredibly useful online marketing technique that can help ingrain your brand’s image into the minds of your customers. This process is vital for users that have visited your site and left without making a purchase.


To put things into perspective, it’s estimated that only 2% of website traffic converts to a profitable sale on the first visit. By implementing a successful retargeting strategy, you can then reach back out to these same customers with your digital advertisements, giving them the second chanceto make that all-important sale, thereby significantly increasing your conversion rates and sales.



We’ve all heard of cookies. These little packages of information are stored on your customer’s computer or devices and effectively tracks where that user goes on the Internet.


This cookie, sometimes called a pixel, is a tiny piece of code that sits on your website. Don’t worry, this piece of coding is so small that it’s not noticeable to users and won’t slow your website down. Every time you have a visitor to your website, this little piece of code will implement a cookie to that user. Once that user has left your site and moved on to other websites, this cookie will allow your adverts to pop back up to users with that cookie.


This means you can design engaging advertisements that are only viewed by users that have visited your site before, keeping your brand in their presence, increasing the chances that they’ll return and purchase your product or services! These ads can be seen across the whole internet and across social media channels.



This saying couldn’t be truer. Retargeting is an extremely powerful marketing technique but the effects are even greater when combined with other leading marketing strategies. If you fuse retargeting techniques with SEO practices, Search Engine Marketing methods and targeted advertising, your businesses leads will skyrocket.


Luckily, our experts have had years of experience in this industry and know all the ins and outs of these processes. Contact us today and allow one of theprofessional experts to guide you and your business through the customisable first steps that can take your business to the next level.