SMS text Message Marketing

With the incredible rise of mobile devices such as feature phones and smartphones, SMS has been one of the most popular forms of marketing ever and is still as strong today as it was a decade ago. People may not open their emails, but everyone opens their text messages!


Here at Leadsopolis, we can devise and implement complex yet effective SMS marketing strategies that can reach potential customers and convert them into profitable leads.


What Are The Advantages Of Sms Marketing?

The best part about SMS marketing is that the messages are short and precise. Other forms of text communication such as emails and calls demand attention and can take up a lot of your leads valuable time. However, text messages only take a couple of seconds to read and process, meaning you can impart valuable information to your leads quickly and efficiently.


Using our team of expert writers and marketers, we can ensure your business is making the most of the space found in SMS messages. Even constructing the first few words can turn one person from an individual into a lead.


SMS messages are also supported by every single mobile device in the world, allowing you to connect and contact with a vast range of people and demographics, maximising the opportunities of your marketing strategy.


How Can You Turn A Reader Into A Lead?

This is the part of the process in which our team of experts can excel! We can incorporate highly developed shortcodes into your SMS messages. This allows the readers to tap or message back if they are interestedin your product or service, similar to a shortened URL code. By using the perfect blend of optimised keywords and shortcodes, our experts can create engaging calls to actions that have your readers hooked, converting them into a potentially profitable lead.


How Long Does This Take To Set Up?

Here at Leadsopolis, we pride ourselves on delivering fast results. After discussing the terms and conditions of work and with understanding on what you want your SMS marketing campaign to achieve, we can have your SMS account set up within 48 hours. Our team of experts can work alongside you to create engaging SMS messages that will have your readers hooked from the moment they open the message!


Want to learn more and discover the endless benefits from a successful SMS marketing campaign? Contact us today and one of our friendly and professional members of staff will be happy to help you and explain how we can cater our SMS Messaging service to seamlessly integrate into your business!