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The Problem

Spinewise is a state-of-the-art medical centre which specialises in a complete range of wellness and general health programs including Stop Smoking, weight loss, exercise and nutritional programs among an extensive list of others. However, Spinewise was subject to the traditional issues of trying to secure patients. In their local area, they received a reasonable number of hits on their website but simply wasn’t locking in those all-important sales.

The Solution

To begin, Leadspolis completely overhauled the website, giving it a fresh look, increased functionality and transformed it into a brand-new site that potential patients were going to love. The site becomes easier to read, easier to navigate and was fullyresponsive, making it suitable for all kinds of users.

The Leadsopolis team then unleashed a well-optimized Pay Per Click marketing strategy onto the Internet, specifically targeting certain areas, both local and online, maximising the potential for each well-placed ad. From there, our teams switched the LLA engine into its next gear, converting those potential leads into locked in, profitable customers. With a fully SEO-optimized site and an ingenious email marketing campaign, Leadsopolis single-handedly revolutionised Spinewise’s online presence.

The Results

As the project gained momentum, Spinewise saw an increase of over 28 new patients a week. This is an outstanding figure; one the Leadsopolis teams were proud of. Additionally, the SEO practices helped to boost the Spinewise site to the #1 position on search engine sites, both with organic and paid leads.

  • 244%

    Increase in New Patient Leads

  • 126%

    Increase in Website Traffic

  • 598%

    Increase in Social Media Followers

  • 78%

    Increase in First Page Search Rankings

Client Feedback

Leadsopolis has completed redefined our practice. Business was steady, and we were recommended Leadsopolis by a friend. On the off chance, the idea happened to pop into my mind one night, so I decided to contact the company to see what ideas they had. This is one decision I will never forget! Thank you so much to the teams down at Leadsopolis! We’ve nearly doubled the number of patients we have through the door, and I didn’t even have to do anything! Thank you so much again, and I can’t wait to work with you all again in the future!