We are living in a fast moving mobile era, where a large portion of world population is addicted to Smartphones and tablets. In such situation, if a business (regardless of industry) is not designing its website that fits these gadgets, the business is actually lagging behind. It is also true that in the fast pace market, designing website matching each device is tough, time consuming and expensive. Thanks to Responsive Website Design that adapts to the screen size and resolution of the device used to display a site. Now, one website is just more than enough for all the devices. Even for the SEO strategy, such a kind website is a standard component. A search engine, especially Google is universal and is built for the users who searches web. Today when everyone is searching web via mobile, a site that meets all the needs of users is preferred by Google and thus it automatically ranks higher than the sites without responsive designs.

  • Improved Usability: The Responsive Website Design makes the site much easier for visitors to read and navigate. A user-friendly website enjoys greater user involvement. A positive experience results to repeated visits and increased conversions. Thus the business must be vigilant enough while designing the page to enhance conversions and customer experience. Thus, automatically the page pulls larger traffic, that too organically.
  • Faster Page Speed: Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors. A responsive design optimizes the webpage and thus the loading process too becomes faster than before. Remember, the fast loading sites are always favored by the search engines, resulting in a more positive user experience as well as a likely boost in ranking.
  • Decreases the Bounce Rate: The more a visitor spends time on a website, the chances for conversions too rises. Bounce rate is related to time on site. According to the Search Engine Optimization Company the user’s behavior plays an important role in determining the website’s ranks and also conversion. It is of no doubt that content is king, but we also cannot ignore the importance of the page’s functionalities in pulling the crowd. Google analyzes each of the visitor’s activity to rank the page higher.
  • Increases Social Sharing: The content must go viral on social media for higher SEO ranking. When the contents are readable on the mobiles and tablets, people do read them and if found relevant, share them without any hesitation.

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