We all know that content is the king for the search engine optimization. Quality content really does a miracle to improve your optimization strategy. But, some bad habits can spoil your brand image and lower your rank. Though the best search engine optimization company has already built up a beneficial service to avoid this, most of the companies forget to include them in their rule book. Internet browsing is not what it was a few years back. New developments flourish the industry and allow companies to express themselves better to the audience.

Here, we talk about 5 bad habits of SEO content that you must avoid.

Mistake 1:

1 keyword per page with no variation:

You have to use your targeted keyword in your content, but using no variation of it will not be beneficial for you. For example, if your targeted keyword is ‘the best search engine optimization company’, then the variation must be the ‘the best SEO company in India’, ‘Search engine optimization provider’, and more.

If you don’t know how to do it, type the keyword in the search box and scroll the result page to the down. You will find the LSI keyword suggested by search engines. It is the easiest way to add a variation of your keyword.

Mistake 2:

Posting short blogs:

Short blogs are no longer helpful for your business. The research has revealed that the blog having around 3000 words gets more views and share. Though some exceptional cases are there, they are truly rare. So, a well-researched content always performs better if you are doing search engine option.

Mistake 3:

Posting Content in an unorganized way:

Don’t post one blog in different places. This will create a big mess. Search engines always love fresh content and it always impacts on your ranks. Remember that you must post consistently to improve your rank. The best search engine optimization strategy always follows the rule.

Mistake 4:

Choosing quantity over quality:

It is a big mistake that companies do. Quality never beat quantity, but both play a very important role in your ranking campaign. You have to ensure that your quality and quantity balance well and this is only when you will get the best result.

Mistake 5:

Forgetting SEO issues or duplicate content:

A leading search engine company conducted a research on the duplicate content and the outcome is really horrific. Nearly 66% of websites have SEO issues, including the duplicate content problem. So, always prefer to a fresh content that can build your authority and expertise.

Search engine optimization is not a complicated thing for those who understand its basics and work on to improve their knowledge. Leadsopolis is one of the best search engine optimization companies that follow the rules very well. The talented team of optimizers always performs their best in order to give you the desired rank.


SEO copywriting is important as long as the rank is an essential factor to you. Search engine optimization and copywriting share a strong bonding, and it is the highly-designed content that brings to you more traffic. Copywriters take an important role in presenting your company to your consumers in an interesting way. This is why it is one of the top rated SEO services that a company must take care of. But the job role for copywriters is more than just writing. They need to analyze the business of companies and highlight the positive aspects of a product and services.

1. Know the key factors of success:
SEO copywriters present to consumers the important factors of your company. They need to think the strategies through which company’s strong point will be discussed. They need to consider the consumers and write the way they love. The content must meet their needs. The Best Digital Marketing Agency has an efficient team of writers who know their responsibility very well.

2. Address your benefits:
Consumers need solutions to their problems. Copywriters point out the existing problems and describe how the company solves the issues like no other does. They are generally discussing products and services a company offers.

3. Find keywords for writing:
Copywriters are more than just a writer. They need to research and think like a member of the marketing team. Using the right keywords is essential factors, and they take help from Google suggestions and keyword planner.

4. Preparing a blog:
SEO copywriters use interesting way to present their thoughts. They list down primary and secondary keyword and write blogs that are helpful for your users. Best Digital Marketing Agency like Leadsopolis has writers who have years of experience in the field.

5. Editing the content:
Editing is a crucial part of any writer. It is the final step to make your content reader-friendly. Use simple theme and write it down easily.

6. Optimize the content:
Optimizing the content is for making it search-engine friendly. Optimizing the content comes on the list of Top Rated SEO Services. In this step, the team checks the keywords and adds essential links to the content.

7. Publish and share:
Publish and share the content on the popular platforms where your consumers have a large presence. Monitoring of the content is also necessary to make it better as per the users’ interest.

The team of writers at Leadsopolis helps you build a right content marketing strategy. We research your market niche and analyze your consumers. We prepare content that serves your users’ interest.

For most of the digital marketing agencies SEO and PPC are completely two different strategies of business. But in reality, they are the two sides of the same coin i.e. the search engine results. We can’t deny the effort of both the team. But when they work together, the effort can lead to a more successful search strategy.  The Search Engine Optimization Company like Leadsopolis.com coordinates SEO and PPC to create a synergistic and harmonious relationship, bolstering results for the businesses. Their combined efforts can improvise the whole digital marketing strategy to pull more traffic and drive conversions. So, let’s check how they can complement each other and provide better result:

  • Visibility: Every business competes for better traffic and conversions. To achieve the same, the brand should be visible to its audience. The Search Engine Optimization Company combines SEO and PPC together to enhance the visibility of your website on the search engine results pages.  Once the business ranks higher, you can ask the agency to reduce the PPC effort. The paid ads strengthen your brand presence in the digital platform especially during high competitive scenario.
  • Shared Keyword: Both SEO and PPC work around the keywords. Using organic methods, the Ecommerce SEO Services analyze the most effective and relevant keywords. After determining the keyword with highest conversion rate, they use the same to optimize the paid ads and the overall strategy. Remember, the main goal of PPC advertising is to figure out which keywordsyour customers use to find your product or service. Using the proper keywords to website or SEO content may also give valuable insight to your customer’s needs.
  • PPC ad copy as SEO content: if something is working for PPC, it also may work for SEO. The PPC ad copies with maximum conversions provide ideas to the SEO experts to create effective content, title tags, Meta descriptions etc. Paid ads can be analyzed quickly, while organically testing titles and Meta can take a long time.
  • Social Media Visibility: The role of social media in digital marketing cannot be ignored by any business. The platform provides a great targeted advertising opportunity to the Ecommerce SEO Services. Using different social media channels the businesses can reach their niche market easily and effectively. The advertisements in these channels are mostly the paid ones. The data and information that the experts collect through the campaigns help refine the overall SEO strategy.

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