Video Advertising

We’ve all seen videos on the Internet. From funny cat videos to dreamy beaches located on the far side of the world, there are so many engaging videos, it’s easy to see why it’s quickly becoming the most popular form of visual media.


Revolutionize Your Business With Visuals

By incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, you can boost the volume of potential leads dramatically. Videos are an extremely powerful way to communicate and engage with your users. Whether you’re trying to advertisement your product, promote a service educate people about your business, this can all be achieved by incorporating video advertisements.


Spread The Word, Go Viral

Videos are rapidly becoming the most popular form of visual media on the internet. Whether you’re embedding your videos into your website, your social media pages or into your emails, videos can be shared everywhere. This means your business, once publishing your video, could reach the furthest corners of the globe, resulting in a practically limitless marketing reach.


Video Marketing Made Simple

Here at Leadsopolis, we want our business to go viral. By working closely with you and your business, we aim to create high-quality and engaging videos that really scream the voice of your business and gets across the message and image that you want to send.


There are several ways our team of experts can promote your videos. Using social media paid advertisements as well as Pay-Per-Click and Pay-per-view services found on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and various other ad networks, we can optimise your video marketing strategy to make the biggest impact with your users to help your business generate as many leads as possible.


Does It Really Work?

To start with, here are the facts as a foundation to video advertising;


  • 87% of online marketers and small business owners in the U.S use some form of video content
  • YouTube single-handedly owns 20% of the market share in video advertising in the U.S
  • Over 100 million hours of video content is watched through Facebook every single day
  • It’s proven that video embedded in an email has a 200-300% chance of increasing click-through rates
  • Conversion rates can be increased by as much as 80% by embedding videos into a landing page
  • 64% of online users are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video
  • •Native advertising covers 32% of the cost of video marketing
  • It’s estimated that 23.2% of marketing expenses will be spent on videos by 2020

These are some pretty heavy statistics. While YouTube remains the main hub for videos and video advertisements, other platforms such as Vimeo and all social media sites are also at your disposal.


Here at Leadsopolis, we specialise in all forms of video advertising. Our teams can create adverts that show at either the beginning or the end of a video, sometimes in the middle. These adverts can last up to a minute long and need to be engaging and informative to catch the audience’s attention and remain with them throughout the duration of the video.


We can also provide access to information and techniques that can target your audience, allowing us toshow your advertisements on relevant channels and videos to precisely target your audience.